River / Lake water testing harvesting projects. River water quality online monitoring solutions
For Ministry of Water Resources Providing technology for On site river or lake testing (On-line monitoring services). To provide Water quality check. To prevent deterioration of water System Rehabilitation of water system Water conservation Industrial discharge check (monitoring)- High equipped instruments To provide Management solutions

Mobile / Lab on wheels for Healthcare/ Checkup Laboratories for all states / districts / healthcare trusts/ hospitals / organisations
For National Health Mission-Ministry of Health and Family Welfare- Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) Budget :50 Lakhs/district We aim to provide instant healthcare support to rural/remote areas. It will be Easily accessible To Educate and Train children and elders on First Aid We will provide Portable and advanced instruments for their ailment and betterment

Lab on Wheels / mobile lab for soil testing- for increasing Agricultural productivity for all states/districts

New born error screening for all states / districts for empowerment of child s health

Food safety labs for all states / districts /Processed food manufacturers company
To setup Laboratory in all States/ districts Modernization of old Laboratories by our advanced technology To Analysis of food sources for pesticides, heavy metals etc. in our labs To serve Food Packaging industry by advanced instruments To provide labs for Safe Food practices

Modernisation or establishment of standards testing labs for all states or small or growing countries to control and improve quality of products sold and consumed by people of that state/ country and ultimately ensure safety of people s health and life
To setup Standard testing Laboratories in District/State level For setting up laboratories in state level for different fields- Gold analysis, environmental pollution, food testing etc. Budget: 50 Cr for new Laboratory , 25 Cr for Modernizing

Modernisation of FDLs(food and drugs labs ) of all states and central

To Establish training centres for skill development / courses for empowering the youth with self employment opportunities and encourage start up entrepreneurs
We will provide courses which will help them to develop their skills We will train them on -Start up entrepreneurs - Across all sectors Train youth to learn advanced technologies, systems, etc which will help them for employment , research, etc

Environment and Pollution control labs- establishment or modernisation
For MoEF- Ministry of Environment & Forestry To establish Environment and pollution control labs in States To rapid the process of Environment Clearance of Industries To modernize environmental laboratories, for better environment To provide Advanced instruments for advanced development

Modernisation of Science and technologies labs of universities
For advancement in research and development in India- School, Colleges/ Universities Increase in interest for different fields of Science and Technology Advanced technologies- immigration students- better opportunity Budget : 50 Cr

BMI machines for health monitoring for all people visiting civil hospitals for all states
To provide Body Mass Index Machines For checking of Obesity-Important issue of modern India- to make India Healthy India For all civil Hospitals Budget: 3Lakh for Basic and 10 Lakh for Comprehensive

To establish Diabetes, Thalassemia, Sickle cell monitoring stations
Testing of Various blood related disorders Budget: 1 Crore for comprehensive solution, 15 Lakh for each or some errors

To offer detoxifying Ayurvedic medicines from our CSR /NGO -Analytical Foundation
Analytical foundation is a non-profit organization found for the purpose of life by YOGA, MEDITATION,EDUCATION,CAMPS, etc. Analytical foundation also intends to award scientists for their remarkable contribution from various fields of science annually to encourage new scientists and researchers. For more details and enrolling you can visit our site: www.analyticalfoundation.org If you are interested and want to be a part of the foundation, then e-mail us at info@analyticalfoundation.com

To Organise Yoga / meditation camps for all schools /colleges / countries through Indian high commission offices
Analytical Foundation aims to teach Yoga and Meditation For ultimate revival from Stress on different platforms worldwide. To organize yoga/Meditation in Schools and organization from our organization For a Happy and Better Life

Setting up MultipleLabs for all states / all Universities
To provide Different type of Laboratory under a single roof For Many problems, one solution To provide Platform for Students, PhD scholars, Researchers To provide facilities of Different type of Instruments- Advanced and Innovative

Toxicity and hardness monitoring solutions for water and air

Atmospheric composite pollution (haze ) monitoring system
To provide Intelligent and Advanced instruments for monitoring of air released from Industries Technology for Exhaust gas purification To provide VOC (Volatile organic compounds) Monitoring solutions

Intelligent air quality monitoring solutions
To provide Intelligent and Advanced instruments for monitoring of air released from Industries Technology for Exhaust gas purification To provide VOC (Volatile organic compounds) Monitoring solutions

Atmospheric heavy-metal monitoring solutions

VOC monitoring solutions

Exhaust gas recycling solutions